After a break of nearly 2 months, I’m back blogging again. I did not stop coz I wanted to but it’s just that I was tired, tired of writing, tired of many many things. Had I continued writing, it would have been probably rubbish 🙂 since I would not have adhered to my self imposed convention – I don’t allow myself personal ranting. But after a month or so, I have a better and more objective view and now I can resume blogging.

I noted an interesting thing: my blog can self sustain itself for some time now. Even though I did not post anything for 2 months, I still got around 7000 hits a month. Anyway, let the blogging resume.

One response to “Sabbatical

  1. Oh, but ranting is so much FUN!

    I’m just wondering now if I have ever written an out-and-out rant post ?… hmm….

    Your blog is great btw.

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