Windows 7 and the OS Demographics


Since Microsoft has released its beta version of Windows 7 for download, the web has been buzzing with articles so full of praises for it and many have quickly spelled the doom of Linux and Macs.

Does that upset me? Not at all. Every year (for maybe the past 5 years) has been the year where Linux would take over from Microsoft according to Linux fans and Microsoft fanboys have in turn derided Macs while the latter have self proclaimed themselves as better than anyone! Has anything changed? Hardly. Microsoft continues to dominate the world and Linux continues to grind small pieces of the market while MACs are progressing.If Windows 7 is as good as they claim it is, it might regain the tiny tiny market share that it has lost to Linux laptops but I don’t foresee any major change in the OS demographics.

Windows 7 might be so much better than Vista but I’m not throwing my Mac away!

Many people tend to think that I’m anti Microsoft coz I prefer Linux and use a Mac. The truth is (apart that I just can’t be bothered) I simply use what makes more sense to me.

I don’t like Windows coz:

  • it’s just too slow to start – it might take less than one minute for the login to appear but loading the programs after that takes forever
  • it’s such a pain to have to continuously worry about virusses and spyware – I’m not saying that Linux or Mac is virus free but it doesn’t make sense for now (thank God for that) to make a virus to target these users as there are so few!
  • I deem it unsatble at times, more unstable than Linux and Mac OS (which is based on UNIX) and stability followed by a nice interface is what I’m after when using a PC

Does that mean that I’m in adoration of Linux? Certainly not. Some time back, I tried to recommend Linux to everyone but the interface and ease of use is not completely there yet. This meant that i often had to attend to new users in distress. People are used to their PCs slopwing down coz of virusses but don’t want not to be able to connect to a wifi network coz there’s no linux driver for their wireless interface and then need to use a hack. It might sound stupid but that;s how things are!

Now what about Macs? As Stefan Brandle puts it: “Macs offer the best of both (Linux and Windows) worlds”. It’s as stable as Linux and offers an interface that has nothing to envy from Microsoft. Of course it comes at a price – it’s more expensive than a standard PC coupled with a Windows license but there’s just no free lunch.

So it’s time that we realise one very important aspect of the OS wars: people use what’s best for them. If windows suits you better, go ahead but don’t complain about virusses and long waiting times. If Linux suits you, don’t complain about occasional idiosyncracies (no driver for some peripheral). If Macs suit you, don’t complain about the price! It’s a free world and meaningless OS wars won’t change a thing!


5 responses to “Windows 7 and the OS Demographics

  1. Unfortunately (or fortunately) all the points you’ve raised why you dislike Windows have all been resolved in Windows 7.
    Sure give it a try when it’s released.

    It boots up fastest than any other Windows OS & all programs fire up right away (on modern hardware) & it’s most stable thing I’ve ever used (even for a beta).
    Do check out my review. 🙂

    As for viruses, just download any free anti-virus app & forget it… you won’t get any virus unless you engage in “risky behaviour” – downloading questionable content, connecting your USB disk at the uni. 😉

  2. Hi!

    I completely agree: use an OS that’s most suitable for you and what you love.

    Mac, Windows, Linux… anything. It’s just what you can afford and love and what does the things you want it to do that is important.

    What’s the use of having an OS that doesn’t fit you need? No need for that.

    As such , I’ve use Ubuntu and Windows 95 and up. I’m happy with both worlds. I’m also happy about the Mac that I’ve been able to use times and often.

    These are different worlds, and each one tries to mimic the other one, and one takes the lead, as we might expect.


  3. I use OpenSUSE 11.1 now. I don’t bother about antivirus and firewall(iptables set correctly). My laptop is so much faster than WinXP SP3 or Vista (even though it came with Vista). Slackware was even better but I unfortunately had to switch to Novel since my uni uses SUSE.

    Linux is way better than Windows 😛

  4. “it’s such a pain to have to continuously worry about virusses and spyware – I’m not saying that Linux or Mac is virus free but it doesn’t make sense for now (thank God for that) to make a virus to target these users as there are so few!”

    I’m glad you mentioned the actual reason for macs not being targeted by viruses. Microsoft still have about 90% of the operating system market share ( and as you stated, why bother making viruses for other operating systems?

  5. for me it doesn’t matter. i like windows, i tried linux flavors but i don’t have time to tinker with it, in simple word it sucks. mac? i want one but my work requires windows os. peace!

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