Oscar nominees and The Mauritian Cinema


The Oscar nominees for 2009 are out and as usual, most of the nominated movies have not come to Mauritian Cinemas!

Indeed, this is the sorry state of Mauritian cinemas. In addition to the cinema tickets being overly expensive (this is what I think anyway) we only get average movies and only very occasionally great movies – if I’m not mistaken, apart from the Dark Knight, we were only served with crappy stuff! How I regret the University Cinema and Kino of the days when I was in England!

However, can we blame the cinema owners? I’m not too sure. Two years back, I went to see “La Mome” – great movie and the small girl singing La Marseillaise is one of the best parts – but I was one of the rare people there! Cinemas are businesses; they want to make money. But what about the Mauritius Film Development Council (MFDC) or Ministry of Arts and Culture? Can’t they try to promote some culture and bring some decent movies! Totally useless!!!

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