Rouge Bleu Zon Vert


41 years since we exist as an independent country and still we hesitate to call ourselves a nation!

We all speak creole but still many refuse to acknowledge it as a language, our ancestors have common origins but many choose to stress on our physical differences and we have a common culture (we eat the same food, live similarly, dress likewise, …) but many claim to be closer to India, Africa or Europe!

Crime against a nation
Why are some so keen on stressing on our differences, coz they depend on that to exist (who would pay attention to the head of all the “Associations Sociaux Culturelles” –  the proper name is “Association Sectaire” if we were just one nation) and are too lame to exist without that! You don’t believe me: well did you know any of these self proclaimed “leaders” before they became the president of their asociation? Nada, they didn’t exist and should they continue like that, when we one day become a nation, hopefully their names would have fallen in oblivion else they might be tried postumously for crime against a fledgling nation!

Happy 41st Anniversary!

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