From Kubuntu to Ubuntu (KDE to Gnome)

Since I started using Linux some 4 years ago, I’ve been a fan of Kubuntu or rather the KDE desktop which I preferred to Gnome. With the announcement of KDE 4, I was all excited as it could only get better! Yet I was disappointed. KDE 4.0 was unstable (beware of the even number releases, especially 0) but it got better with KDE 4.1 and eventually KDE 4.2 (yuopi we can save files on the desktop again!) but it’s still not where I want it to be! To start with, even the start-up menu looks weird! What I need is a simple and messy-less interface!


The transition to Ubuntu (Gnome)

Upon installing ubuntu, the main thing that you will notice is that there’s a toolbar at the top that can be used to launch applications ( a la mac)! and the first nice thing that you will notice is that Firefox is already there (I still wonder why Kubuntu doesn’t provide that by default – it’s I guess the most widely used browser on Linux).

As for the other applications, well none of the KDE stuff is there (all the apps that start with K). So what do you really need? Kate is not there but Geany is a nice replacement. Apart from that, I didn’t see anything very different; it’s ubuntu after all!

Apart for that, some links that you will probably find useful if you are doing the same transition:

And with Gnome-do, you can even have a mac like interface!

8 responses to “From Kubuntu to Ubuntu (KDE to Gnome)

  1. Even i prefer Ubuntu because of it simplicity. However, the latest Ubuntu 9.04 I installed is having some problems… 😦
    It freezes with the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock Flashing… I wonder what the problem might be… I feel crippled without Ubuntu since i do all my research and development on Linux.

  2. I have never been able to adapt myself with KDE (i tried all versions). On the other hand, Gnome has always been like Home! It is simple, easy, stable.. and just works. The separation of of the program menus into “Applications”, “Places” and “System” is really helpful.. at least for me.

    Two things i liked about KDE is Kate and the very quick F4 key to open konsole in the current location. Kate works very well under Ubuntu while “Nautilus Actions” can be used as more feature-full alternative to KDE’s F4 in Gnome.

    It wud have been nice if we could have a choice in UoM’s CSE labs.. all have Kubuntu :/

  3. Hello!

    I switched to Ubuntu for the same reasons: KDE 4 has “many” problems, but are being corrected. Meanwhile, I’ve got to experience stability. So I use Ubuntu (Gnome interface).

    But why install Ubuntu when you have a Mac?

  4. Like it or not, Gnome could be doomed very soon. The soothsayers said so.

    KDE’s potential to pull Windows users is far greater than that of Gnome.

  5. Ubuntu has the definite edge in stability. I say this only AFTER I removed Pulse Audio Server, which causes havoc everywhere, and should never have been the default sound server choice for the home pc. (Ironically, I use KMix in it’s place. . .)
    I agree with Anti-Gnome in so much as KDE is much more in line with what Winblows users are comfortable with. I was in love with KDE and QT apps, but KDE 4.0 near fried my pc and caused a loss of faith with the release versions. KDE 4.0 should of been strictly a beta/development release.
    In summary KDE much prettier, Gnome more stable (with out pulse!).

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