Change things!


Today I suffered some additional ranting about how things are but should have been. When I confronted that person with: “Well what have you done to change things when you could?”








What I mean is that there was no answer. This is what I get all the time: ranting, more ranting and even more ranting – I’m now ranting about ranting. I do agree that ranting is nice but there’s a limit and life is not only about complaining. We need solutions, ways of solving problems, ingenuity or at least raise awareness! It doesn’t need to be life changing – you don’t have to invent the Internet. But it’s just about doing your part to make this world better.

Millions are doing this everyday. You might not be successful but it’s definitely worth a try.


2 responses to “Change things!

  1. Just be yourself! Ask him/her instead: What have YOU if he/she has achieved something, it doesn’t mean that he/she as been able to re-invent the wheel. Don’t care about such things as they will demotivate you instead of motivation

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