Google and Mauritius – time to contribute!

I don’t know if it’s the result of the visit of people from Google in 2008 (or was it 2007) in Mauritius but Google seems to have taken an interest in Mauritius!

For some time now, Google Maps has most of our roads (more below), we have in ‘Kreol Morisien’ – that is sure to put a dent in those who still claim that Creole is not a language but a slang! –  Google map has most of the roads and I’ve recently heard that Google will put some of its servers in Mauritius!

While Google Moris is more fun now than useful (we must still be able to understand french or creole to read the answers), the cache servers can really help to boost our miserable internet speed and Google Map with all the roads is a fantastic tool. Just think of all the possibilities; we can show traffic, buildings, … and I’m even considering sending my address to people as a tag on the map!

Mapmaker – time to contribute

Yet, the maps are incomplete: some roads are missing, name are missing or inaccurate. This can be changed and this is where Mapmaker helps. It allows you to edit current maps and these can eventually be incorporated by Google. If everyone would just correct/add information about the road he lives on and if possible the roads that he knows, that would make a massive change!


The road section in blue is being updated – the power is in our hands. Let’s help make things better.


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