La Vallee de Ferney

The valley of Ferney is a nature park situated on the South East coast of Mauritius quite close to the small village of “Riviere des Creoles”. It had previously been earmarked for a highway that would have linked the airport to the east of Mauritius but was luckily saved thanks to Nature Watch, George Ah Yan of the Mahebourg Citizens Welfare Organisation among others. Anyway it’s one of the rare places in Mauritius where you won’t see any buildings, have noise pollution. It’s just fresh air, trees and mountains: ideal for a break.


You first start the journey at the Tourist information area where the chauffeur will drive you to the restaurant which is where the trip really starts. The guide starts by explaining the terms “endemique”, “indigene” and “exotique” which qualifies the plant of the reserve and off we go. The trip starts with a part where we have some exotic plants before we step in the reserve where we have the endemic species – note all the trees which are marked in red, they would have been erased by now. Your guide will most probably show you the “Bois Coulou” which saved this reserve; at that time, it was the only one know of its specie to exist in the whole world.


Currently, five are known to exist round the island.


Finally, special mention to the our driver, Raj, and the guide (can’t remember her name): they were both extremely nice and helpful. It’s a treat for the price you pay and I badly needed a break from computers I guess!


10 responses to “La Vallee de Ferney

  1. Hello .. just passing by, always wanted to go there with my friends , but couldn’t get much information.
    And the first information needed to start a planning is the cost heheheh ..
    Is it possible to know the price to get into the vallee of ferney ?

  2. ya confirm the price is 125 and you shud confirm ur visit by mail or call them..make 150 n ask telecom thr num…


  3. Greetings All,
    I am the Conservation Coordinator at Vallee de Ferney! I’m really happy to see your posts and thank you for your support to our conservation work. I invite you to visit our website and our facebook page ‘Vallee de Ferney – Adopt A Tree’. We’ve just started…so bear with us while we get it all sorted and into first-class level!

    Thanks and do come back again!

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