I’ll be posting some drawings I make here from time to time.


Announcement over the radio… –  04 March 2007


My first try at a manga; it follows a book on how to draw manga i just accquired – 03 March 2007


Some eyes – 01 Mar 2007


What I foresee will happen very soon to some students – it happens every year! Sleeping infront of PC to desperately try to meet their BSc project submission deadlines. -28 Feb 2007


Was very very bored and didn’t know what to do. Got inspired by the “Shitty Weather” caused by Gamede and did that! – 27 Feb 2007


Vista’s launch was inspiring me for that. – 25 Feb 2007


Had to try my graphics tablet! – 23 Feb 2007


10 responses to “Comics

  1. if i can’t see a beautiful girl with nice boobs ok 😦

    🙂 then draw a nice beautiful naked girl.

  2. i know u are willing to try drawing a naked girl so just let go, don’t u b shy.

    laiss toi fer laiss ton ame exprim li. to get the results!!!

  3. Pingback: pascal·

  4. nice drawings.. very creative and say lots of things.. wished u could tel us to draw during the Genetic algorithm lab instead of writing programs like “longest run on snowboard”,”little bishops”, “is bigger smarter”, etc…!!!lol,joking…

    the genetic algorithm lectures are very interesting but the labs [no comments!!!]..

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