Updated maps of Mauritius from Google Map

As I was going about to update some roads and buildings on Google Map maker, I noticed something awesome: the maps have been updated. As a proof, see below:

that bridge close to CEB in Rose-Hill wasn’t on the old maps! In addition to updated map, there are many more streets.

The roads appear a bit offset for now but I guess that will be fixed soon and the main missing thing now is to be able to get directions from one location to another. Once this is done, we will have a very very complete and useful system!

Thank you Google.


Once again, as I’ve done before, I strongly urge everyone to create content like add roads where they are missing, specify the type of roads, if it’s one way, … and why not put 3D models of building as well! It would be great to have much more content. That will be a way to help your country (instead of always waiting for others to help us) and also being able to brag about getting an invite to Google Map Maker Conference!


One response to “Updated maps of Mauritius from Google Map

  1. H, i think google map need to be more update, why??cause you see the road from Quartier Militaire to Wooton round about through the Belle Rive new road is not shown in Google map, but this road is there for neraly before google map.

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