The ipad

Everyone seems to be talking about that these days – not to mention the jokes like iTampon, … ;). Being an Apple product, it looks great and I’m sure its usability is awesome but this time, I really can’t figure out what it’s for. Some personal comments:

It looks like a giant iPhone but you can’t use it as a phone. So I would say it’s like a giant iPod touch which is an iPhone without the phone functionality! But it’s not as easy to carry around as the iPod Touch.

I certainly think it will spell the end of the kindle though the latter is cheaper. Anyway, I don’t see myself buying either of these until these products have been tested to repeatedly fall down without breaking. I would appreciate something more flexible too.

Netbook. It certainly looks like one of those and has equivalent computing power I suppose. However it’s flat and will it appeal to people as a replacement of a netbook?

Macbook. No way!!!

So down the line, I still don’t understand what the iPad is for. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit. Up to now, most apple products have been a success: the ipod, the iphone, the macbooks. So maybe there’s something I’m not aware of but I suppose, being an Apple product, it will have its followers soon.


2 responses to “The ipad

  1. There are only a few people who dare to say bad things about Apple and I am happy to see that you form part of them. As you said, I haven’t quite understood the objective of the ithing or whatever. People usually complain when a notebook doesn’t have a disk drive or DVD writer but this one has none of them too! Teens love to play games on their laptops or pcs, what will they do with the ithing?

    I guess that apple wants to launch another innovative thing just as it did with the ipod shuffle (the one you play songs blindly without knowing which is next on the playlist) which was finally copied by other companies.

    All lies in the trademark. Even if it is sh*t, it will be a success. Can someone ask Apple to rebrand nomad or orange please? Thanks a lot!

  2. Well the iPod shuffle never appealed to me. Maybe that’s the same kind of product. I would like such a version of this product which I can let fall on the floor and treat like a real book. That would be great!

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