ACIM, the Mauritian Government and the rest of us

Last update: The hunger strike is over after successful negotiation with the government. Great 🙂

ACIM and the Exams

For nearly one year the NGO ACIM (Association des Consomateurs de L’Ile Maurice – Consumer Association of Mauritius)  have not received any subsides from the government. In protest, Jayen Chullum, the secretary general of this assiciation is on a hunger strike.

The main reason behind that, at least this is what the government claims, is that ACIM organized a go-slow operation on the roads which coincided with the School Certificate Exams. As a result some students were late for their exams and were penalized.

Had I been one of the kids stuck in traffic, I would have been mad at ACIM. Who wouldn’t? But using that as a reason to cut the subsides is very cheap from the government.

Cheap Excuses

We Mauritians may not be the smartest nation on earth but come on we are not that stupid either. The government should know better and stop using so lame excuses! I wonder how many people believe them. Most people can see that this is just a way of ridding themselves of a thorn in the flesh.

Also, coming back to the go-slow. Why did that happen in the first place? Prices of petrol had plummeted all over the world except in Mauritius. Why? Some organisation, responsible for buying petrol for us, made a bad deal and again instead of saying that we will have to pay for that (at least one Minister was honest enough to admit that Mauritians will have to pay for this), they found all sorts of excuses which were ridiculous! Everyone knew we were paying the price of the bad deal!

The rest of us

Instead of being lied to and having to suffer the consequences of bad management, I’d rather just pay the price of the bad management. At least, I’ll know that I’m know being taken for a ride and our political leaders are somewhat brave chaps.

Anyway, hope that the subsides are restored soon with no string attached.

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The Barber of Seville

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new barber in town and he’s working in front of the government’s house. He specializes in head shaving but unfortunately has no license to practice. I think the shavings are free though.

That arrest for illegally practicing as a barber was hilarious ( at least that was extremely creative) and deserves a special mention:

“10 out of 10 for style, and minus several millions for good thinking” –  The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy


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