APEIM – under the trees in Pamplemousses

Well it seems that some wise “counselors” (counselors are always wise) in Pamplemousses have decided that the APEIM kids need some fresh air. Indeed, classroom learning is a thing of the past and now, classes should be done outside … under the trees. Through this unique opportunity, the handicapped will have the chance to study the flora and fauna of the garden of Pamplemousses’s … village hall.

So for two weeks now (according to what I heard from Radio + ), the kids along with their teacher are enjoying the sun (assize dans ti soleil … et ti laplie) – that will help them make some Vitamin D which is surely very good. So let’s hope that the “chief counselor” (qui dans toute sa sagesse a refuse de commenter l’affaire) will now find a better educational plan for the kids. After these poor souls are well versed in the wildlife of the village hall’s garden, the councelors might now consider sending them to Pamplemousses botanical garden – they will be on outing everyday and not just a couple of times per year and we’ll have …


… a the “One Nenuphar Per Child” – ONPC project!

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