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On any normal day, I’m most likely to use at least 2 to 3 different PCs and on these PCs I can either boot on Linux or Windows which means that I have 6 different platforms (Fiesty, Dapper, OpenSuse 10.3, Windows 2000 -2 machines and Windows Media Centre) on which I’m likely to browse the web.Since most data is now stored on the web this doesn’t pose any major problem but I still have my bookmarks locally on each of these machines – going to delicious each time, on my crappy Internet connection, is a pain and so I endup having different bookmarks on the diffrent PCs. So how do I do when I need a page which I bookmarked at work and I’m at home?

Foxmarks is a nice little extension (Add-on) to firefox that allows you to sync your bookmarks. As soon as you’ve created an account, your bookmarks will be uploaded on the foxmarks server and as soon as the extension is installed on another machine, it will allow you to sync you bookmarks. The end result is sync bookmarks on all machines.

Foxmarks + (I’m just thinking aloud here)

So since Foxmarks and seem to work so well, why not integrate these two systems. allows you to tag pages which bookmarks do not but an extension which modifies the bookmark abilities of your browser could do the trick and ask you for tags when a page is bookmarked. Sync your foxmark and account could prove a winning combination.


5 responses to “Synchronizing Bookmarks – formarks +

  1. I’ve been using Google Bookmarks for a while and like this I’m able to carry my bookmarks wherever I go.

    Only hic: your bookmarks aren’t integrated into your browser, but on a Web page. But the interesting thing is that you’re not tied to Mozilla Firefox and the Foxmarks addon.

  2. Like Dilraj mentioned, Google Bookmarks should be ok for you.

    But I prefer yahoo bookmarks. The day I will have people actually use google talk and blogger a lot, I will use gmail and other google things with some care about privacy.
    Yahoo has 360, Flickr which I use, messenger, an email web client with loads of functionalities, amongst other things. And its search engine is better than Google IMHO.
    Yahoo Bookmarks:

  3. Came here after googling ‘foxmarks delicious sync’ – I use foxmarks and delicious but would also love to be able to just save and edit a bookmark on either of these and the other service is synced. Found anything like this yet?

    Some codemashupgeekery must be doable here.


  4. I’ve been using forxmarks for some time now and have grown very accustomed to using it. I like and have been used to the hierarchy of folders/files and being able to sort by bookmarks in this manner. However, the new school of thought around tagging seems very appropriate. With SO much information being shared it’s important to discipline yourself to tag things properly, immediately. This will move you away from the old folder/file limitation. Though having the ability to slowly migrate into the new school of thought would be invaluable!

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