Death penalty or the lust for blood.

Every now and then, Mauritian politicians seem to feel the need to shout for Death Penalty.

To me, this is just further evidence (if ever it was required) of their lack of arguments or solution to tackle criminality. Anyway it seems to be successful in appeasing the populace that is eager for blood. So why should they stop?

Death Penalty

I’m not going to start listing the arguments for and against death penalty: just ask any A-Level English (GP) student and he/she probably has an essay ready to dish out for you.

My opinion on the subject is depicted in the above picture and it sums it all.

So no arguments for and against?

What’s the role of Law in a country? According to me (who is not a lawyer), it’s to dictate what is considered to be bad conduct as different people seem to have different opinions on what is “bad” or will just pretend not knowing that “it” was bad.

Eventually, when someone breaks these laws, the latter has to face a certain penalty. For minor offenses, it’s most likely a fine (I hope and suppose)and, for more serious offenses, it will be a jail sentence.

So why do we need to imprison people? The reason should be according to me to protect the society from them, show that crime does not pay and, also to show to society that the bad guy is being punished. The latter is just for the sake of a human feeling called revenge yet it’s nevertheless very important as else people would start killing each other for revenge until whole families are decimated.

So why is not imprisoning someone enough? Why do politicians call for Death Penalty instead of Life imprisonment without any chance of release. I think both are equivalent deterrents and in both cases the society is no longer threatened because of a dangerous individual.

I can see only one reason, it’s our lust for blood!


3 responses to “Death penalty or the lust for blood.

  1. After committing a cold blooded murder, let’s say the guy is given life imprisonment. Alright… What punishment is he really undergoing in that prison? They are getting their meals, they do not have to work, and for all these it’s the innocent citizens who indirectly pay for these expenses in terms of tax. So this is it? Is this punishment enough for taking a life and destroying the happiness of a whole family? Ok maybe Death Penalty is not an ideal solution (from my point of view even Death Penalty is a punishment too easy since he may not have enough time to REALISE what he has done) Maybe we should leave this decision to the victims family on how should the person involved be punished instead of having a punishment based on one static law system. Well… It’s really a debatable topic if we look at it from different point of view. It’s no matter how different the way of punishments are, but they all imply that people who have intentionally destroyed a life should not be forgiven.

  2. i simply want less scum bags walking free amongst us. if death penalty helps doing that. Am all in..

    death penalty as Pramod said is too easy.. prison would have been the ideal case but with all the human rights crap, even life in prison is at times is much better than the one some are having in the outside whole.[its as if the people they killed or raped didn’t have rights]

    prison is an expensive way of making bad people worse..
    Go for Death penalty..

  3. Good for you. I am not a murderer and I do not want the government to murder in my name. I’ve been involved with anti-death penalty movements for years. There are MANY reasons NOT to punish with death, only 1 (revenge) to use death as a punishment.

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